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Rules & Regulations
In line with our Declarations of Covenants and By-Laws, The Board has authority to approve and implement reasonable Rules and Regulations that are consistent with the governing documents.  These Rules & Regulations were approved by the Board since establishment of our Association, for the purpose of protecting and maintaining the monetary value, physical appearance, and livability of private lots and common land.  Owners have been duly notified. NOTE: Regulations in Architectural Control Guidelines are also in effect.  
1.  Fines and Fees: The Association may levy reasonable fines against individual owners in collection of monthly Association dues or approved assessments and when governing documents and/or rules and regulations are continually ignored. Written warning will be given when rules and regulations are continually ignored and every opportunity will be given within reason to work with our residents to resolve problems.  Fines can be as much as $100.00 per day when deemed necessary.  
2.  Monthly Assessment-Dues: Dues are set annually as part of the Association budget. They are due the 1st of each month. A $10.00 late fee is charged for payments not clearing the bank by the 10th of the month. The late fee increases to $30.00 each month thereafter for which is payment is not received. Continued non-payment can result in a lien placed on the property.
3. Automobile and Recreational Vehicle Storage:
Automobiles are defined as those vehicles that are licensed as automobiles, and that fit into the closed garage of the unit.  Automobile parking is restricted to garage, driveway and street and must follow the General and Winter Parking Rules as well as Driveway (Apron) Restrictions.  Automobiles may not be parked or stored in common areas.

Inoperative automobile is defined as an automobile that is not driven and/or does not leave the complex more than twice a month and/or does not have current license tags. An inoperative automobile must be stored within the garage.
Commercial vehicles must fit in the closed garage and be parked/stored in the garage.
Recreational vehicles including motorcycles, scooters, buses and campers, boats, snowmobiles, trailers or unlicensed motor vehicles must be stored or kept in the unit’s garage. They cannot be parked or stored on streets, driveways, sidewalks or common areas.  The above list of recreational vehicles/items is not all-inclusive.
Temporary storage of normally prohibited vehicles on the driveway for less than seven days will be permitted if the adjoining roofmate is contacted and agrees prior, along with the Association permission – a permit will be issued to be shown on the vehicle.    

*Revised 4-2019
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4. General Parking Rules: There is no overnight parking on any Breconwood street nor any parking allowed on the grassy areas.  No vehicles may be parked on streets for more than six uninterrupted hours in a 24 hour period or on a daily basis of more than five days without a permit issued by the the Association.
5. Driveway (Apron) Restrictions:  You cannot park four (4) or more vehicles on your property (garage and driveway(apron)) for more than 7 consecutive days without having obtained written permission from the Association. Permission will be given if all (4) or more vehicles are owned by members of one family and both parking spaces in the unit’s garage are unobstructed and consistently used for parking. Proof of ownership shall take the form of a copy of each Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title submitted to the Association.  Consent for (4) or more vehicles may be given when above conditions are not met, if Association determines that the parking of the 4 or more vehicles does not adversely affect the health, safety or general welfare of the Association in general or any of its members in particular.  
6. Shared Driveway Median Etiquette: If you leave a vehicle out overnight, it must be on your own driveway. If you are expecting several guests, it is a considerate gesture to let your immediate neighbors know. Very often they will offer to let you use their driveway.
7. Winter Parking Regulations: All vehicles are to be parked inside garages. If there is a vehicle parked on your driveway during snow-plowing, your driveway may not be plowed. Nothing even a normally allowed vehicle may be parked in driveway if it causes the roofmate not to have their driveway properly cleaned of snow, can’t get their paper delivered properly or causes other inconveniences.
8. Pool Use: Any guest must be accompanied by an adult Breconwood resident. Resident children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult Breconwood resident at all times. All Caregivers who bring Breconwood children to the pool must be registered with the Pool Chairman and an emergency number provided. No more than five guests are permitted without approval of Pool Chairman. The pool key must not be given to non-residents to use when a resident is not present unless approved by the Pool Chairman in advance.  Private parties are not permitted without prior written approval by Pool Chairman and notice posted in advance for residents. All Posted Rules and hours must be observed. More than one complaint and your pool privileges can be rescinded.  
 9. Trash Containers: No trash or debris shall be left on any Lot. No trash or garbage containers shall be located outside of a building except on trash collection day.  Debris that is properly prepared for trash collection and trash and garbage containers may be put out after 6:00 pm the evening before their collection not any earlier. If the trash is not picked up as scheduled, items need to be stored within the garage until the rescheduled trash pickup date occurs.

10. Exterior Changes to Building, Fences or Landscaping: All changes or additions to the exterior and private yards, including major landscaping, patios, walkways, trees, water features, fences and gates must be submitted to the Architectural Committee and approved before any work is done. See Architectural Control Guidelines for specifics. Please note that not all land that is fenced in a yard is private property, a majority of it may be common ground. Any work on common ground is restricted and must be submitted for approval. Each plat is different. Please check your specific plat.
                                                   *Revised 4-2019
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11. Interior Remodeling Projects: Changes to plumbing or electrical systems must be by a licensed professional and be inspected by the City.  No noises can be made that can be heard through the common wall between the hours of 8:00 pm and 7:00 am.  Please be courteous and notify your roofmate when you undertake a remodeling project and what type of noise they might be hearing and how long you think the project will take.  No exhaust venting, or antenna/cable/phone equipment may be affixed to the front of the building. Alarm or security systems that are on the exterior of the building must be approved in advance by the Architectural Committee. Dumpsters or “Bagsters” used for construction or remodeling may be stored on apron with a permit issued by the Association. Dumpsters must to covered and removed promptly when full. Permit also needed for Port-A-Potty and may not be positioned in view of any neighboring units. Permits are obtained from Architectural Chairman.
12. Pets: Total number of pets may not exceed three of which only two may be dogs. Pets must be housed within the resident’s home. Pets must be walked on leash which does not allow the pet to reach or threaten other Owners or their pets. Droppings must be picked up immediately and disposed of by the owner.  Dogs may not be tethered outside the home or left in a fenced yard without Owner supervision.  See Amendment Six to Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Breconwood.
13. Leasing or Renting of Unit: Units are intended for Owner occupancy only. Any leasing or renting must be first be approved by the Association Board in line with the strict restrictions imposed in the stated amendments.  See Fourth and Fifth Amendment to Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Breconwood.  Said Lease or Rental Agreement must be submitted prior to and again after signing by all parties and must include an acknowledgement of Association Rules and Regulations. The Association can include restrictions as to number of people, number of vehicles, etc. and added fees to the non-supervising owner.
14. Signs: No signs are allowed in Breconwood, either in the yards or on the buildings. Real Estate Open House signs may be used only during the time of the open house.  For Sale signs may not be used. Individual garage sales are not allowed. Two community-wide garage sales are held, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. An Estate/Moving sale may be held with prior permission from the Association Board.

15. Watering of grass, trees and plantings: All water bills are paid by the Association.  It is the duty of all homeowners to see to it that their property which includes common ground, whether in front, to the side or in the back is watered to keep grass, trees and plantings healthy and alive.  Watering must be done in accordance with the City of Minnetonka rules and regulations. When new sod is laid or grass seed is planted in your common ground/private area, the homeowner needs to consistently water it (according to posted guideline) so that it does not die. Please Note: Watering of new sod, seed, shrubbery or landscaping can take place outside of restricted times, provided residents have obtained a permit from the Minnetonka Public Works Department. There is no charge for this permit. Watering by hand-held hose can be done at any time. Automatic sprinkler systems must have moisture sensing controls to avoid waste.
                                        *Revised 4-2019
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16. Noise: Excessive noise from within your house should not be heard beyond your fence line or through the common wall to your roofmate.  City ordinance prohibits any noise beyond your fence line between the hours of 10:00 pm and 7:00 am. That ordinance will be enforced by the Minnetonka Police.
17. Insurance: All Owners shall obtain personal insurance coverage (commonly known as “gap coverage” or an “HO6” policy) at his or her own expense covering fire and other casualty to the interior of the Unit, covering any improvements made to the interior since the original construction of the building, personal property and the Owner’s personal liability. All insurance policies maintained by Owners shall include a loss assessment clause covering the Association master policy deductible of $10,000 per occurrence. In the event that Owner does not have this loss assessment clause, he or she would be personally responsible for payment of the deductible should a loss occur.  All Owners are required in May of every year to give evidence of a HO6 policy with above mentioned loss assessment coverage upon request from the Association.
18. Gutters:    We encourage having gutters due to their helping protect our brick and building foundations.  Residents must keep the gutters clean. They need to be kept free of debris and be cleaned both in spring and fall numerous times to prevent overflow into neighboring patios and to prevent backsplash to bricks, sidewalks and foundations. Gutters and foundations are the responsibility of the homeowner. Gutters must be approved by the Architectural Committee prior to purchase and installation to prevent drainage problems.
19. Dryer Exhaust Vents: Cleaning of dryer vents is the responsibility of the homeowner. Dryer vents should be cleaned once a year.
20.  Wood-burning Fireplace inside residence: All active wood burning fireplaces are to be serviced annually. Please keep your records on this service work.
21. Play Structures: Rules prohibit items like swing sets, trampolines and basketball hoops.
22. Decorations:
    A.) In general, as in all community matters, decorations should reflect reasonable consideration for one’s neighbors.
    B.) The following decorations are not permitted:
Excessively bright, flashing, moving or projected lights.
Motorized or sound/music generating decorations.
Inflatable decorations.
    C.) Decorations on common ground require Board approval through the Architectural/Landscape Request Form process. Requests must be submitted at least 30 days before the scheduled installation.
    D.) Decorations may be installed and illuminated within two weeks of the holiday in question, and must be removed within one week afterwards.  Exceptions:
Hanukkah/ Christmas/ Kwanzaa decorations may be installed at any time, but not illuminated until four weeks prior to said holiday and for no more than two weeks thereafter.
White decorative lights may remain through the winter season.
    E.) If complaints regarding decorations are received, Board members will review the decorations in question, discuss during a scheduled Board meeting, and determine if and what further action is needed.  The Board will respond to the complainant in writing.      *Revised 4-2019  Pg. 4 of 5

23. Outdoor Fire Pits, Chimineas or Fireplaces: In consideration of the City Fire Code, our small yards and shared wood shake roofs, and the sensitivity of some residents to smoke, wood-burning fire pits, chimineas or outdoor fireplaces are not permitted in Breconwood. Existing wood-burning fire pits, chimineas or outdoor fireplaces must be removed or converted to gas or propane or charcoal, subject to approval by the Association through an Architectural Request form. Association approved gas, propane or charcoal fire pits, chimineas or outdoor fireplaces must be at least 10 feet away from the building.
24. Entry Door(s) Color: The current Architectural Guidelines require front doors to be “Breconwood Brown” or dark stained wood. Storm doors, if installed, must also be dark brown, or dark bronze in color. The Guidelines require that any changes to the building exterior, including doors and windows, must have an Architectural Request Form submitted and approved.      
If a current resident has changed or replaced their front door and/or storm door without submitting an Architectural Request Form, and the color does not comply with the Guidelines, the resident must remove the non-complying door or arrange with the Association to have it painted to comply.                                                                 
If a new resident purchases a home with a non-complying front door and/or storm door, and the non-compliance was not disclosed at the closing, replacement or painting of the door is encouraged, but not required. However, any future change or replacement will require submittal of an Architectural Request Form.

Should any resident sell their home with a non-complying door color, such non-compliance shall be disclosed to the new owner, together with the requirement to have the door(s) replaced or repainted.

According to the Bylaws, painting of front doors (not storm doors) is the Association’s responsibility. At any time, residents may request that their door be painted by the Association, or they may make their own arrangements.”
25. Outdoor Grills: Fire Prevention Regulation Policy:   Grilling -          Usage: Your grill must be moved 10 feet from any combustible structure (residence, patio, deck, etc.) prior to using.         Storing: No storage of grills on decks is allowed. (i.e.: a deck is defined as a raised surface with a railing)     
*26. Surveillance Cameras: All cameras must respect neighbors’ privacy and be approved by the Architectural Committee. The line of sight of an interior or exterior located camera should not include a neighbor’s home and/or yard in the monitored zone or from its location have the potential to do so. Cameras already in place are subject to this rule.
                                            *Revised 4-2018
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